Software development  is one of the specificities of NewDistrib. Made from a precise specifications and detailed, our software is fully developed according to your needs. We offer you a true custom tool.

Need a developing “customized”? we are the challenger!

Management databases

Specializing in database management, Newdistib develops application allowing you to optimize your working methods:

  • quality assessment
  • management products and stocks
  • accounting and billing
  • management customers, suppliers
  • schedule management
  • management and monitoring records (patients, customers, …)… Or any other
  • software solutionAll development is subject to prior study of a specification.

Newdistrib offers tools (web and software) to share your remote applications (Intranet or Extranet) for more flexibility.

single-user and network application

Newdistrib develops single-user or network solutions, depending on your particular needs, which can run on Windows platform, Linux or any other operating system.


Support and Service

Newdistirb accompany you every day in the use of our productions, Newdistirb offers several solutions: contract points, annualized services, etc. Our sales team offers the best solution.


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