is a company created by Kouamivi Mawuenan AGBEMADON young entrepreneur trained in Europe (Denmark and France) which is a real enthusiast of technical protection and security of people and property both public and private.

The company headquarters is in Bamako (Mali) with offices in Paris (France) and Lomé (Togo).

The main areas of company activities are:

  • Safety equipment, reinforced  doors, armored vehicles, intrusion access control,intercom . Video surveillance.
  • Computers, Office and Industrial Engineering,
  • Imaging and design of 3D images,

We realize real estate programs with European partners, installations of industrial air conditioners, sanitary facilities and green spaces. We also work in the large-scale distribution, medical equipment, office and stationery supply .

NEW DISTRIB operation based on values and strengths that ensure the achievement of general and specific objectives of the firm.


For all its benefits, NEW DISTRIB is based on :

  • A large network of partners Manufacturers and Distributors wholesalers in Europe and the USA,
  • A high level of expertise appropriate to the context sub-regional West African,
  • A speed of action,
  • Relevant solutions with real efficiency and direct impact on the business and operations of all its customers.


All our actions are based on the absolute will:

  • Provide quality services,
  • To give full satisfaction to customers,
  • Develop a consistent and lasting relationship with customers by establishing a true partnership.
  • To offer selections of the most versatile security materials on the market.
  • To allow you to choose the material that meets your specific needs.
  • Support a wide range of technicians to ensure the sustainability of your investment throughout the system life cycle.